Appreciation, such a simple thing isn’t it? Then why is it so hard to come by? This new year is truly a new beginning, it’s time for us to take that chance for real. Want to lose some weight? Great. Want to make more money? Wonderful. Want to go to college? Amazing. But it all comes down to one thing, appreciation. We need to appreciate ourselves, that’s what all those little goals add up to, they help us appreciate ourselves that much more. I have a million and one goals that I’d love to obtain this year, but my biggest one is to appreciate myself just a bit more.

I’m just like everyone else, sometimes I’m really disappointed in myself because I know I may not have done my best, but we have to learn somehow, we need to take each day as it is. Yes, we need to live like it’s our last day, because it’ll teach up to have a bit of appreciation for life. Life is a continuous journey, and appreciation is one of the stepping stones, so let’s not skip over it.  I promise that when you give yourself just a little more credit, stop being so hard on yourself and have a bit of appreciation for yourself, you’re going to be much happier. I went ahead and started the New Year with having fun, because ya know what? I deserved it.

I have so many goals that I want to achieve this year, I want to start up my own business and get it going, I want to get my puppy and start training, I want to be happier with myself, I want to try a little harder to make relationships work, I want to be a better friend, but most of all I want to learn to appreciate myself. We constantly expect for people to respect and appreciate us, but our problem is, even when we don’t realize it, is that we don’t do those things for ourselves so why would someone else do them if we don’t? We’ve been told this our whole lives, it’s kind of one of those you get what you give situations, granted no matter how much you appreciate yourself there’s going to be those jerks who can’t stand you. That’s life though.

What I’m going for here is that I think this year we need to focus on ourselves, if that means losing some weight, getting healthier, making more money, going to college, or anything than by all means go for it, but give yourself a little credit. Most people who know me know that I’m perfectly fine with taking the back seat, with not being noticed, because I don’t like being the center of attention, even my own attention. I’m bad about not giving myself credit for the things I’m good at, but it’s time that changes. This is the year of change. So with this I leave you until next time my dearies, much love and a tremendous amount of luck in whatever you have planned to do for yourself this year, I hope that it takes you far.


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