I don’t know if I believe in destiny, or even fate but I know whatever happened to bring me and my baby girl together is truly amazing. We all know I love my dogs (as well as everyone else’s dogs lol) but to be truthful I have a favorite. Chloe is my entire world. I can’t imagine the day that I will have to say goodbye to her, but I pray every day that I will actually get that chance. I’ve had dogs come and go in my life and it’s always been hard, but none of them have been like Chloe. She’s my once in a lifetime chance, my heart dog, my everything. Let say this ; Chloe is NOWHERE near perfect, I know that, she isn’t a champion, doesn’t know tons of tricks and is not even well mannered (yes, Chloe, I pretty much just said you’re a complete bitch, get over it, you know it’s true). But I love her more than anything in this world.

To say I would give anything for this dog to be happy is an understatement, there is nothing I could ever say or do to show my gratitude to her. I owe this dog my entire life. She will never be perfect and neither will I, but together we are perfection. No matter how angry with her I get she can always make me smile within seconds with her silly antics. She has granted me the beauty of passion, without her I would have never found the things in life that make me so incredibly happy. So Chloe, thank you. I promise you that I will give you as much of the world as I possibly can. You are the reason that I continue to strive and keep my head high. I will never give up on you.

On November 6, 2013 you became paralyzed, and my entire world came crashing down, what was I going to do? There was nothing I could possibly give to you that could fix it, things would never be the same and I knew that. In my heart I knew that. I still to this day have such a hard time thinking about before the accident, because it just makes me want to cry, you have no clue what I would give for just one more day where you could be like you were. But, honestly, that’s not how the world works baby girl. This isn’t the end of us though, not even close to it. We’re going to show each and every single person that doubted us that we’re even better before.

I’ve seen so many people give up on there babies because of something as simple as “they can’t walk” well let me tell you something, if you are one of those people, you should be ashamed. Chloe never had surgery, not only could I not afford it, but I wasn’t comfortable doing it and didn’t feel it was a good choice for her. I ran a fundraiser to help me with her vet bills because I struggled. But I didn’t give up. Now my girl hikes, plays agility, and does everything a “normal” dog does. Will she ever walk and run like she did before? No but we adjusted, and now we are so much better than we were. Things take time, and it’s tough, and sometimes you want to give up, but don’t. I promise that this isn’t the end of the world. Keep your head up lovelies, it will all be alright ❤




So you think it’s cute.

How often do people see a “chunky” dog and go “oh my gosh he is so cute!! What a little chunky monkey!” well guess what people, it’s not cute! You are seriously an idiot. Do you think the lady down your street who has eaten so much that her rolls have rolls is cute? No, so why is a dog that has the same issue cute? It’s not. Obesity is a serious thing and it needs to be taken seriously. Whether it’s people or animals, this being said, if you want to be a fat slob (just so you all know, I’m totally a fat slob, however my dogs are not), that’s your choice, but don’t make your animal suffer.

If you think fat dogs are cute, I hate you. Yes, I’m going to be that jerk. Why? Because you are the reason animals suffer. I would rather see a dog slightly underweight than overweight ANY DAY. As a dachshund owner of 8 years I take health and weight in my dogs VERY seriously. One single pound can make or break a dog, just like it can a person. I am a firm believer that a dachshund being fat doesn’t make it’s back bad, however it does over time put a lot more stress on that dog’s back, making injury that much more likely. This goes for you people with chunky old dogs too (of any breed) don’t come to me complaining that your dog is stiff, or sore, or has bad joints. UM MAYBE BECAUSE HE’S SO FAT THAT HE CAN BARELY WALK!? Seriously, most people make me want to put my head through a damned wall.


My dogs are performance dogs, meaning they have to be in the absolute best shape possible. That “adorable chunkiness” could seriously injure my dog. Even if they were just pets I wouldn’t let them get chunky because it’s stupid to do. Why do people have fat dogs? For the same reason people let themselves get fat, they’re lazy, that is the truth like it or not. Today I had a woman come into work and tell me how much she loves fat dogs – the fatter the better. I wanted to choke her and tell her how stupid she is, seriously. Because of people like you animals suffer and die a slow death – A+ lady! Take your dog for a walk, it’s not that hard I promise, too hot for a walk? Play inside, do some balance games, but do not sit on your lazy ass and do nothing. That’s why your dog makes your life hell (you know that pillow he tore to shreds? Shoulda walked him!) it is all your fault, yup that’s right, your fault. When you get a dog you take another being’s life into your hands, take care of it correctly.


As summer rolls around so does the stupidity it seems. Summer means facebook will be filled with warnings about leaving your dog in a hot car, and the oh so stupid “I’d break the window” comments that follow the posts. Well let me be blunt, anyone who says that is an idiot. Today a woman in my town got arrested for doing this, the owner of said vehicle left the a/c on in the car and was a couple feet away paying for gas. Yes, the dog may have been panting, because it is hot out, or maybe he was just running around playing, but odds are people are sweating at that same moment because we live in Texas, and it’s hot. 

So, why can’t people use some common sense when it comes to dogs left in cars that aren’t running? What you should do is go into the store, speak to management (ask them to make an announcement, they probably will), then call the police. Go outside and wait by the car, but do not touch that car, because if you damage that car in any way, odds are you’ll be in hand cuffs within the next few minutes. I understand you guys are passionate and are animal lovers, but don’t be stupid about it. There is a difference between an animal lover and someone who loves animals. 

Remember summer brings more dangers than hot cars, water intoxication, mosquitoes and ticks are just a few of those dangers. So be wise about your decisions and make good choices people.


“Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, or someone you’re afraid to love, or somewhere you’re afraid to go. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt because it matters”
~John Greene

Balance in our lives is something that is so utterly important, yet none of us can ever seem to grasp it. My life is chaos, not because of anyone else, but because of myself. I am not saying I am not a good person, simply that I still have much more to learn in this world, just like every other human being out there. Most of you know my life truly revolves around my dogs, as my oldest lays next to me, farting for god knows what reason, I forgive her and don’t make her move no matter how badly I gag and gasp for air. But I know there is absolutely no balance in my life. Why? Because I’m afraid of balance. I shut everything I need out, because it means facing a lot of my fears and I just don’t want to face them, it’s pathetic actually. One of my newer favorite songs is “Let her Go” by Passenger, why? Because it really speaks to me, I feel like sometimes you really have no idea what you have, or how good something is until you don’t have it anymore.

I’ve been thinking about my future a lot here lately, I am so ready to just dive into it, but I know balance is key. I need to get my life completely in order, worry about what is happening right now, not what happened yesterday, or what’s happening tomorrow, I need to worry about today and keep some balance. I need to find myself in all this craziness that the world has become, because this world will truly just pass you by if you don’t find yourself and balance things. You know when your life is a mess, you stress out, get sick, become an absolute emotional disaster. That’s me right now, things are much more extreme at this point for me, because I’ve bottled it all up for so long, let things just be crazy, convincing myself I can just pretend it doesn’t exist and it won’t. But guess what! It really doesn’t work like that.

So to myself; Dude get your shit together.