As summer rolls around so does the stupidity it seems. Summer means facebook will be filled with warnings about leaving your dog in a hot car, and the oh so stupid “I’d break the window” comments that follow the posts. Well let me be blunt, anyone who says that is an idiot. Today a woman in my town got arrested for doing this, the owner of said vehicle left the a/c on in the car and was a couple feet away paying for gas. Yes, the dog may have been panting, because it is hot out, or maybe he was just running around playing, but odds are people are sweating at that same moment because we live in Texas, and it’s hot. 

So, why can’t people use some common sense when it comes to dogs left in cars that aren’t running? What you should do is go into the store, speak to management (ask them to make an announcement, they probably will), then call the police. Go outside and wait by the car, but do not touch that car, because if you damage that car in any way, odds are you’ll be in hand cuffs within the next few minutes. I understand you guys are passionate and are animal lovers, but don’t be stupid about it. There is a difference between an animal lover and someone who loves animals. 

Remember summer brings more dangers than hot cars, water intoxication, mosquitoes and ticks are just a few of those dangers. So be wise about your decisions and make good choices people.


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