So you think it’s cute.

How often do people see a “chunky” dog and go “oh my gosh he is so cute!! What a little chunky monkey!” well guess what people, it’s not cute! You are seriously an idiot. Do you think the lady down your street who has eaten so much that her rolls have rolls is cute? No, so why is a dog that has the same issue cute? It’s not. Obesity is a serious thing and it needs to be taken seriously. Whether it’s people or animals, this being said, if you want to be a fat slob (just so you all know, I’m totally a fat slob, however my dogs are not), that’s your choice, but don’t make your animal suffer.

If you think fat dogs are cute, I hate you. Yes, I’m going to be that jerk. Why? Because you are the reason animals suffer. I would rather see a dog slightly underweight than overweight ANY DAY. As a dachshund owner of 8 years I take health and weight in my dogs VERY seriously. One single pound can make or break a dog, just like it can a person. I am a firm believer that a dachshund being fat doesn’t make it’s back bad, however it does over time put a lot more stress on that dog’s back, making injury that much more likely. This goes for you people with chunky old dogs too (of any breed) don’t come to me complaining that your dog is stiff, or sore, or has bad joints. UM MAYBE BECAUSE HE’S SO FAT THAT HE CAN BARELY WALK!?¬†Seriously, most people make me want to put my head through a damned wall.


My dogs are performance dogs, meaning they have to be in the absolute best shape possible. That “adorable chunkiness” could seriously injure my dog. Even if they were just pets I wouldn’t let them get chunky because it’s stupid to do. Why do people have fat dogs? For the same reason people let themselves get fat, they’re lazy, that is the truth like it or not. Today I had a woman come into work and tell me how much she loves fat dogs – the fatter the better. I wanted to choke her and tell her how stupid she is, seriously. Because of people like you animals suffer and die a slow death – A+ lady! Take your dog for a walk, it’s not that hard I promise, too hot for a walk? Play inside, do some balance games, but do not sit on your lazy ass and do nothing. That’s why your dog makes your life hell (you know that pillow he tore to shreds? Shoulda walked him!) it is all your fault, yup that’s right, your fault. When you get a dog you take another being’s life into your hands, take care of it correctly.


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