“Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realise that nothing really belongs to them.”
― Paulo Coelho

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have been battling parvovirus within my home. This is a tragic sickness, claiming the lives of so many beloved friends. Quite a few dogs came down with it, very young dogs. Today, very early morning, it claimed the body of a beautiful little pup named Brittany. Sometimes the fight is just too hard, and they simply can’t take it. I hope dearly that Brittany did not suffer much, and that she went peacefully and simply fell asleep. I hope she was warm, I hope she knew she was coming home.

Brittany, wherever you are, thank you for trying, thank you for giving it a fighting chance, and I’m sorry there wasn’t more I couldn’t do to help you. I wish there was something I could have done so that you were still here with us. I wish you were able to live out many more years, chasing balls, going on adventures, being happy. I know you’re watching over your brothers as they continue to fight, I know you’re lending them your strength, please continue to do so. Baby girl there are so many people rooting for them, and they’ve gotten so much better, but it’ll be a long road for them, though I know you’ll follow them throughout it and keep them safe.

I hope they’re able to live long healthy lives, and I know in my heart that you’ll help them do that Brittany. I wish I could find better words for you, but I know the love is enough. Godspeed baby girl.



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