I kennel my dogs.

No, I am not selfish. No, my dogs are not abused. No, they do not hate being kenneled ; and no, I am not taking away their freedom. I am however sure that when I get home after an eight hour shift at work that my dogs will be excited to see me and will still be safe. There will not have been fights, there will not have been things eaten that shouldn’t have been, and there will not be a dead dog. No, I am not being dramatic, no I am not being “cruel” to my dogs. I am ensuring their safety, and that is all.

I will not agree to disagree. This isn’t a matter of what you think is right, it’s about what is safe and what isn’t. I’ve seen more people lose their dogs whom had so many more years ahead of them because they felt bad kenneling their dog. Guess what people, it could have been avoided if you had sucked it the hell up! No, your dog should not be afraid of it’s kennel, so make it a game, speak to a trainer about it, reward them for going in their kennel!

Kenneling is not a bad thing, your dog will not hate you, your dog will not hold a grudge, your dog will not die because you “stole their freedom”. However, your dog will be safe, your dog will be happy to see you, and you will have that much longer with your dog because you kept them safe. So you can think it’s cruel and I’m abusing my dogs as much as you want (that’s right, you know who you are) but my dogs will be around longer and I can be sure that nothing will ever happen to them while I’m away because they decided they NEEDED something, even though they normally would never consider it. I can be sure they’ll be safe when I get home.


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