Hi, my name is Mimzy.

Meet Mimzy


Mimzy is a Fugly Friend, made with an overabundance of love in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Nina and Rico are the resident dogs at the home where fugly friends are made, making sure each one is absolutely 100% perfect after their mom. They help to carry out the legacy of the original fugly friend tester, Mugsy. You see, these are more than just toys, they’re like this little fabric animal that brings so much joy and happiness to anyone who sees them, they bring laughter and play to so many. So here’s a big thank you, thank you for bringing joy to so many dogs, and so many people. Over the last four years you’ve done something so incredible by bringing this much happiness into this world, all in one little bitty package. Hopefully my dogs will cherish these toys instead of tearing them to shreds, but even if they do, thank you for giving my dogs the joy of destroying their wonderful toys! They truly love their fuglies, and I couldn’t be happier.