Dear Miss Katharine

Following your recent blog post “The Dog Fancy eats One of their Own” I would like to state some small facts that you have quite obviously missed. You are clearly a friend of the Aguiar’s whom has never visited their home. As someone who has known this family for roughly 10 years (though moved away 4 1/2 years ago and have kept in contact with some of the family members) you have no idea (clearly) the truth behind your story. These dogs lived in their own filth and were out in the cold in New England with SNOW ON THE GROUND. So, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were cleaning when the police showed up to seize the dogs so they happened to be outside – now where are their jackets, their blankets, their beds, ANYTHING to keep these dogs from freezing to death. Oh that’s right, she must not have needed them.
When Shirley and Ed’s now second youngest daughter Trinity was two years old the Aguiar’s had been breeding dachshunds for about a year (maybe a little more) – and their house was covered in filth. Shirley is a “stay at home mom” so why couldn’t she clean the newspapers in the KITCHEN covered in poop or pee? How about the pee puddles all over her home? What about the poop that her DAUGHTER was taking on the floor – that’s right, her two year old was pooping on the floor, and she didn’t even move to clean it. Instead dogs and said child were allowed to run through it. Nobody can own 69 (or 71) dogs and care for them well, their older children have all moved out so it’s just Ed, Shirley and up to three children (though if I remember correctly, their youngest son, little Ed is living with one of his sister). So this means they have two very young girls in that home, with all that filth.
Pemi. Do you know who Pemi is? Let me tell you about Pemi – she was a little chocolate and tan piebald, one of the Aguiar’s first dachshunds, she needed a job, she needed to be kept busy. Shirley was only worried about her popping out babies and  couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Pemi’s health. Pemi (who was locked in their semi-finished basement in a small room with roughly 20 other dachshunds) ate through a wall. Did Pemi go to a vet to make sure she was ok? No.
This has nothing to do with rights, this has to do with you being blind and not knowing what you’re talking about. The Aguiar’s do not deserve to own dogs. I recognize many of the dogs in the photos that have been posted by news crews, including an elderly terrier mix that was bred over and over, puppies sold as “designer dogs”. Many of Shirley’s CUSTOMERS can vouch for the squalor that these dogs had to live in. Many of which (if they didn’t live in outdoor runs their whole lives) never got to see outside. I feel sorry for anyone who takes pity on Shirley, her and her husband are horrible people and should never be allowed to own dogs (or any animals for that matter). Whether she had 69 or 71 dogs doesn’t matter, she was a puppy mill and it’s a damn good thing she was finally shut down.


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