Dear Miss Katharine

Following your recent blog post “The Dog Fancy eats One of their Own” I would like to state some small facts that you have quite obviously missed. You are clearly a friend of the Aguiar’s whom has never visited their home. As someone who has known this family for roughly 10 years (though moved away 4 1/2 years ago and have kept in contact with some of the family members) you have no idea (clearly) the truth behind your story. These dogs lived in their own filth and were out in the cold in New England with SNOW ON THE GROUND. So, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were cleaning when the police showed up to seize the dogs so they happened to be outside – now where are their jackets, their blankets, their beds, ANYTHING to keep these dogs from freezing to death. Oh that’s right, she must not have needed them.
When Shirley and Ed’s now second youngest daughter Trinity was two years old the Aguiar’s had been breeding dachshunds for about a year (maybe a little more) – and their house was covered in filth. Shirley is a “stay at home mom” so why couldn’t she clean the newspapers in the KITCHEN covered in poop or pee? How about the pee puddles all over her home? What about the poop that her DAUGHTER was taking on the floor – that’s right, her two year old was pooping on the floor, and she didn’t even move to clean it. Instead dogs and said child were allowed to run through it. Nobody can own 69 (or 71) dogs and care for them well, their older children have all moved out so it’s just Ed, Shirley and up to three children (though if I remember correctly, their youngest son, little Ed is living with one of his sister). So this means they have two very young girls in that home, with all that filth.
Pemi. Do you know who Pemi is? Let me tell you about Pemi – she was a little chocolate and tan piebald, one of the Aguiar’s first dachshunds, she needed a job, she needed to be kept busy. Shirley was only worried about her popping out babies and  couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Pemi’s health. Pemi (who was locked in their semi-finished basement in a small room with roughly 20 other dachshunds) ate through a wall. Did Pemi go to a vet to make sure she was ok? No.
This has nothing to do with rights, this has to do with you being blind and not knowing what you’re talking about. The Aguiar’s do not deserve to own dogs. I recognize many of the dogs in the photos that have been posted by news crews, including an elderly terrier mix that was bred over and over, puppies sold as “designer dogs”. Many of Shirley’s CUSTOMERS can vouch for the squalor that these dogs had to live in. Many of which (if they didn’t live in outdoor runs their whole lives) never got to see outside. I feel sorry for anyone who takes pity on Shirley, her and her husband are horrible people and should never be allowed to own dogs (or any animals for that matter). Whether she had 69 or 71 dogs doesn’t matter, she was a puppy mill and it’s a damn good thing she was finally shut down.


Hi, my name is Mimzy.

Meet Mimzy


Mimzy is a Fugly Friend, made with an overabundance of love in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Nina and Rico are the resident dogs at the home where fugly friends are made, making sure each one is absolutely 100% perfect after their mom. They help to carry out the legacy of the original fugly friend tester, Mugsy. You see, these are more than just toys, they’re like this little fabric animal that brings so much joy and happiness to anyone who sees them, they bring laughter and play to so many. So here’s a big thank you, thank you for bringing joy to so many dogs, and so many people. Over the last four years you’ve done something so incredible by bringing this much happiness into this world, all in one little bitty package. Hopefully my dogs will cherish these toys instead of tearing them to shreds, but even if they do, thank you for giving my dogs the joy of destroying their wonderful toys! They truly love their fuglies, and I couldn’t be happier.



I kennel my dogs.

No, I am not selfish. No, my dogs are not abused. No, they do not hate being kenneled ; and no, I am not taking away their freedom. I am however sure that when I get home after an eight hour shift at work that my dogs will be excited to see me and will still be safe. There will not have been fights, there will not have been things eaten that shouldn’t have been, and there will not be a dead dog. No, I am not being dramatic, no I am not being “cruel” to my dogs. I am ensuring their safety, and that is all.

I will not agree to disagree. This isn’t a matter of what you think is right, it’s about what is safe and what isn’t. I’ve seen more people lose their dogs whom had so many more years ahead of them because they felt bad kenneling their dog. Guess what people, it could have been avoided if you had sucked it the hell up! No, your dog should not be afraid of it’s kennel, so make it a game, speak to a trainer about it, reward them for going in their kennel!

Kenneling is not a bad thing, your dog will not hate you, your dog will not hold a grudge, your dog will not die because you “stole their freedom”. However, your dog will be safe, your dog will be happy to see you, and you will have that much longer with your dog because you kept them safe. So you can think it’s cruel and I’m abusing my dogs as much as you want (that’s right, you know who you are) but my dogs will be around longer and I can be sure that nothing will ever happen to them while I’m away because they decided they NEEDED something, even though they normally would never consider it. I can be sure they’ll be safe when I get home.


“Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realise that nothing really belongs to them.”
― Paulo Coelho

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have been battling parvovirus within my home. This is a tragic sickness, claiming the lives of so many beloved friends. Quite a few dogs came down with it, very young dogs. Today, very early morning, it claimed the body of a beautiful little pup named Brittany. Sometimes the fight is just too hard, and they simply can’t take it. I hope dearly that Brittany did not suffer much, and that she went peacefully and simply fell asleep. I hope she was warm, I hope she knew she was coming home.

Brittany, wherever you are, thank you for trying, thank you for giving it a fighting chance, and I’m sorry there wasn’t more I couldn’t do to help you. I wish there was something I could have done so that you were still here with us. I wish you were able to live out many more years, chasing balls, going on adventures, being happy. I know you’re watching over your brothers as they continue to fight, I know you’re lending them your strength, please continue to do so. Baby girl there are so many people rooting for them, and they’ve gotten so much better, but it’ll be a long road for them, though I know you’ll follow them throughout it and keep them safe.

I hope they’re able to live long healthy lives, and I know in my heart that you’ll help them do that Brittany. I wish I could find better words for you, but I know the love is enough. Godspeed baby girl.


I’m already a mom.

Recently I’ve got a lot of the “oh aren’t you ready for a relationship?”, “I bet you can’t wait to have kids!” and when I tell them I have no plans of ever having kids they look at me as if, because of this small thing, I’m inhuman. Met with “Oh you’ll change your mind” and “It’ll just happen!” constantly I usually just slink away. How many times do I have to say that I’m never having kids? Why is that such a hard thing to believe, seriously?

I don’t like human children, there, I said it. I find them loud, unruly, dirty little things. Does that mean I’m cruel to kids? No. I actually get along with them really well, but I don’t like them either. Yes, my dogs are just as bad, they’re loud, dirty, chaotic little jerks, however, at the end of the day I can take them for a walk or hike and they’re perfectly happy. Where as a child just never quits!

I love my dogs, they’re plenty enough children for me. I will never not own dogs, and my dogs will always come first. That’s just how it is, and how it always will be. I am not going to have kids, ever, under any circumstances. Babies make me uncomfortable, I’ll stick to puppies.

My dogs are my partners, my teammates, my best friends. I owe these dogs my life, and I will continue to try my best to repay them, if I have to give something up so that my dogs can have something better, so be it. I love my dogs so much more than anything in this world, they have given me so many things. They’ve given me so many chances to find myself, to make myself a better person. Yes, they shit a lot, require a lot of grooming, attention, and there are so many times that they leave me absolutely broke, but isn’t that what being a mom is about? Loving something even when it takes so much from you ; because it gives you so many things that are absolutely invaluable? I am a mother, just because my children happen to have four legs and fur instead of being like a human child doesn’t make me any less of a mother.

I cry when they hurt, I smile when they’re happy, and I stick by their side no matter what happens. My dogs are my children, and are the only children that will ever live in my house, and I wouldn’t wish it any other way. So, if it offends you that I don’t want kids, or that I don’t want your child with it’s running nose and gross hands touching me, or that I really don’t feel comfortable holding your baby, then that’s just too bad. I enjoy seeing that my friends are happy with their children, and I don’t mind sharing that joy, and being happy for them, but I ask that they do the same for me and share in my happiness that my children(dogs) bring me.