Shiny Things

As a teenage dog owner I’m super picky about what I get for my dogs, all while trying to keep on a super tight budget, so we have to find what works for us while not breaking the wallet – so here are some of our absolute favorite cannot-live-without products!

Rush to Tug

 Seriously Reesa is absolutely the best out there, not only are her products great but her customer service is top notch! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for fleece products or tug toys! Her fleece lined collars are super soft and absolutely adorable!


Collar Mania

When it comes to fabric collars this is where it’s at! Lisa is absolutely great to work with and has a weekly facebook giveaway to boot (which is awesome!). With so many fabrics to choose from there’s definitely something for everyone! It’s also nice that she offers things for dogs with sensitive necks (which most of mine have).


Aggie’s Anvil

Best tags ever. Seriously, I’m never buying anywhere else again, that’s how awesome these are. Completely custom tags (she can even etch drawings on them) and they’re super sturdy and durable, they also come in either brass or aluminum which gives some variety! Not to mention how absolutely wonderful Andrea is – she’s such an awesome person and even cooler to work with (yay for brainstorming!)

aggies anvil

Good Dog Graphics

Tori is amazing, seriously super awesome, and her work is so great. I have all four of my dachshunds done by her, so now I need my two cats and then eventually Rush as well as a drawing of all the animals together lol, she’s gonna hate me! But seriously guys, check her out, her work is amazing and I won’t have my dogs done elsewhere.


Spike’s Treats

So, we had the honor of trying out some of the treats made at Spike’s Treats in Arizona, and the dogs LOVE them – other than Orijen these are definitely our go-to treats and they’re completely edible (yes I totally tried one) and are made with human-grade ingredients so you can be sure your pup is getting the absolute best!

spike's treats

If you have a business or know of a business that you feel deserves to be featured here, then please send us an email at


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